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Space Settlement Symposium 2017

2nd annual Space Settlement Symposium

"The Nature of a Space-going Social Structure: What Kind of Culture Will Result From Space Colonization?"

LBJ Student Center

October 20th, 2017

Joseph Gottlieb, “In Search of a Bias-Free Reason for Space Colonization”

Jerry Barkow, “Stable cultures for generation ships and deep space settlements are impossible: overcoming the challenge”

Dr. Elizabeth Kanon

William Duffy, “Art in Space: Preservation and Loss of Culture in Multi-Generation Space Travel”

Minakshi Das & Robert Robinson, “Let's Build a Space Colony: Brain Storming Exercise”

Maximillen Vis III, “An Examination of Artificial Intelligence, Mega- and/or Social-Structures in Halo: Contact Harvest”

Minakshi Das & Robert Robinson: Space Colony Art

Space Colony Art

John Manning, “Teaching Star Trek: An Analysis of the Themes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for Practical Pedagogies”