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Space Settlement Symposium

6th Annual Space Settlement Symposium main image

The Department of Philosophy at Texas State is pleased to announce the 2021 Space Settlement Symposium, "Private Enterprise and Private Property: Compassionate Approaches to Conflicts of Interest in Space"

This will be an online event that takes place on Friday, October 1st.

Please click here to register for this year's event.


This year's featured speakers



Laura Montgomery, Ground Based Space Matters

"Space Property Rights"

Carrie Crisp, Texas State University

"Property Rights and Eminent Domain"

Eli Kanon, Texas State University

"Private Enterprise and Incentives"

Hosted by

Chris Elley

Founder, Electro-Fish Creative

Space Settlement Symposium image

Texas State University Department of Philosophy's annual

Space Settlement Symposium

Every fall semester Texas State University's Department of Philosophy hosts its annual Space Settlement Symposium.

The purpose of these conversations is to encourage our students and community to support the progression of humankind toward colonization of outer space. Whether one seeks employment directly associated with NASA or private space exploration enterprises, or merely votes for candidates and policy encouraging such endeavors, everyone has an impact upon the success of space settlement.

Please take some time to watch various videos from previous years' presenters in the archive below.


Please send inquires to Dr. Eli Kanon

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