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International Business Ethics Case Competition

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IBECC is an opportunity for students to compete in an academic competition on the international level. Teams are to cultivate a business persona (consultants for a corporation, executive committee members, human resources representatives, etc.) and present their solution for a specific ethical dilemma that their respective business persona has encounters. These teams, made up of three to four members, will create presentations that explore the legal, financial, and ethical issues that may arise from the dilemma chosen. Solutions will then be given for each problem area, and then tested against a panel of judges (in a Q&A session). There is also an option for team members to compete in an athletics competition, if they should choose. However, they must also compete in the academic portion of the competition as well.  

This is a fantastic occasion for students to exercise creative problem solving, show technological innovation, sharpen their presentation skills, and learn to navigate through a professional setting. The competition is also important for networking. Many of the judges run Fortune 500 companies, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, and have shown that they know how to conquer the business world. It is an invaluable chance for those interested in business or ethics to become acquainted with the very people that may grant you a foot in the door later on in your career.


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Carrie Crisp:

For information about the competition and its history, you can find the official IBECC website, here.