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Space Settlement Symposium

Space Settlement Symposium image

Join us in fall 2019 for the 4th annual Space Settlement Symposium

On Becoming Homo Ex-Terra: Living in Space Through Adaptation or Bio-Engineering


Friday, Sept. 27th


Alkek Teaching Theatre (ALK 250)

Please consider donating to the annual Space Settlement Symposium during our Step Up for State event, taking place October 2nd & 3rd.

Featured Speakers

Scott Solomon (Rice University)
author of Future Humans

Adapting to Life Beyond Earth

Jennifer Fogarty, M.D.

NASA Human Research Program

NASA Human Research Program: Enabling Human Health and Performance During Space Exploration

Jennifer Fogarty

Bob McLean (Texas State University Regent’s Professor)
author of Microbial Survival Mechanisms of Relevance to Panspermia

Unseen Life and Its Influence on Space Exploration

Bob McLean

Please send inquires to Dr. Eli Kanon