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Values Studies



Required Electives: 12 hours


Select from the following:

  •  PHIL 3321 Contemporary Moral Problems: Exploration of the philosophical dimensions of contemporary moral problems such as abortion, euthanasia, poverty, animal rights, nuclear war, and privacy in a computer age. May be repeated once for additional credit.
  • PHIL 3322 Professional Ethics: Study of major topics in business and professional ethics, including what a profession is, whether it differs from business, and what is involved with the moral education, social responsibilities, and ethical standards of professionals and business people.
  • PHIL 3323 Environmental Ethics: Study of ethical issues associated with the environment including nature, use, prevention and restoration of the environment.
  • PHIL 3324 The Meaning of Life: Investigation of major theories of the meaning of life in Western and Eastern philosophies.
  • PHIL 3332 Social and Political Philosophy: Critical examination of major theories concerning the organization of societies and governments.
  • PHIL 3333 Feminist Theory: This course will examine major feminist theories including liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, and post-modernist feminism with an eye especially to revealing the complexity and diversity of contemporary feminist thought.
  • PHIL 4350 Philosophy of the Arts: A critical and historical analysis of the nature of aesthetic experience and creative genius.
  • PHIL 4351 Philosophy of Education: Study of major philosophical theories on the nature, values, and purpose of education.