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Instructional Assistants

A limited number of Instructional Assistant positions are available each year, and students in the MAAPE program, the program in Sustainability Studies, and the program in International Studies, are eligible to apply.  IAs typically assist the instructor of record in the large sections of Philosophy and Critical Reasoning and Ethics and Society.   Applications for the position of IA are accepted in the spring semester.  The IA position may be renewed for a second year given satisfactory performance. IAs are required to be enrolled in 9 hours of graduate coursework each semester of their employment and, during their first three semesters in the IA position, must enroll in Phil 5100 (Practicum in Teaching Philosophy).  Phil 5100 does not earn graduate credit.  

IAs are expected to undertake with diligence their responsibilities both as IAs and as students in the MAAPE program; failure to do so will result in a review by the department’s Personnel Committee.   The Graduate College requires that an IA maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and the Departmental expectation is that an IA achieves a 3.0 each semester.

We hold interviews each Fall and Spring semester. 

Spring Application Deadline: March 1st
Fall Application Deadline: November 1st

RETURNING IAs: A written statement of intent to continue is due to the Departmental office by 1 April for fall employment.