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Funding Your Education

Funding Your Education

There are several ways to lower the cost of graduate education.

1. Instructional Assistantships

There are a limited number of Instructional Assistant (IA) positions for full-time students (9 hours per semester). IAs typically assist the instructor of record in the large sections of Philosophy & Critical Reasoning and Ethics & Society. These positions pay enough to cover tuition, fees, and some living expenses. Given satisfactory performance, IA positions are usually renewed. Apply now.

2. Departmental Scholarships

The Department offers two scholarships for which graduate students are eligible: the Victor Holk Scholarship ($1000) and the Treanor Scholarship ($1000).

3.Graduate College Scholarships and Fellowships

The Graduate College offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships for new, continuing, and prospective students at Texas State University.

4. External Funding

External funding refers to financial assistance for your graduate studies from sources outside Texas State University. These awards can be dispersed as fellowships, scholarships, internships, grants, and prizes. There are thousands of funding opportunities available. The Graduate College maintains a database of funding opportunities specific to Texas State graduate students.

5. Financial Aid