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Comal 203 Office

Comal 203 GIA office computer bookings

Reopening Texas State University requires all of us to move forward by practicing social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. 

At the same time, we have to keep in mind the goals and values of university education.

The Department of Philosophy remains committed to nurturing and supporting the intellectual and instructional activities of all affiliated graduate students.  


Comal 203 has been our graduate student space since the building reopened in Fall 2014.

It has been a lively hub of teaching, learning, writing, debate, and friendship.  

For some graduate students it has been akin to a second home, a place of refuge and community, where conversation or work might happen at most any hour of any day. 

We want this to continue.  However, to maintain safety we have had to make significant changes to reduce the spread of COVID-19, so we will be metering time in the room. Cubicles/work stations will be reservable for 1-hour time slots (renewable up to three consecutive reservations) and there will be a maximum of 5 people allowed in the room at any one time (regardless of whether or not they are working at a computer work station).

To reserve a time in Comal 203, you will need to agree to the following practices:

By reserving a time in Comal 203 I agree to . . . 

  • stay socially distanced from others when in the room (specifically, staying 6+ feet away from anyone else in the room).
  • frequently washing hands or using alcohol-based (at least 60% alcohol) hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • wearing a cloth face covering at all times when inside Comal 203.
  • clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces upon completion of my reservation. 


  • I understand that only Department of Philosophy employees may utilize Comal 203. I will conduct meetings with my students via zoom. 
  • I agree to not enter the room more than 5 minutes before my reservation. 
  • I will exit the room within 10 minutes of the conclusion of my reservation
  • I agree to remind anyone who enters after the 5 person limit has been reached of the 5 person limit, and to alert the office if the number of students stays above this limit for more than 5 minutes.


By clicking here to reserve a computer station in Comal 203, I agree to all of the above terms.

>>>Please note: if the computer station that you have reserved is directly next to a station that someone else is already using, please move to another open station to ensure that there is always an empty cubicle between users at all times.<<<



It is important to continue to follow federal, state, and local guidance for reopening. Check the University‚Äôs Roadmap to Return for updates on COVID-19.