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Payroll and Tax compliance office is closed to walk-in customers

The Payroll and Tax compliance office is closed to walk-in customers as we observe physical distancing for the safety of our staff and customers.  We are working hard to serve your needs and answer your questions.  Please email us at for assistance.

Payroll Checks – All paper paychecks are mailed to your home address on file, on pay day via the U.S. Postal Service.

  • If paper paychecks are not received after 5 days from pay day, please, send us an email to request a Stop Payment and Reissue.
  • The email must include the Check Number, Net Amount and Pay Date.  To get this information, access your pay statement via SAP Portal.

W2 Reprint RequestsDue to a high volume of requests, please allow 3-5 business days to process your request.

  • Send an email to with your A#, last 4 digits of your SSN or date of birth, and year you are requesting
  • We will send copy of the W2 via file transfer. Texas State File Transfer is an online service that allows to securely send files.  The files are encrypted during the upload and download process and stored for 30 days. You will receive an email with the instructions to download the file.

Direct Deposit Enrollment – visit the SAP Portal.  

IRS Videos - Identity Theft (03/09/2020)

Avoid Phishing Emails

2019 W-2 Reprint Requests (02/17/2020)

We will begin accepting reprint requests for 2019 W-2 forms on February 17, 2020.

Please send an email to with the following information:





Complete mailing address 

(Only if you are NOT PICKING UP IN PERSON)



Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

     XXX - XX - ___________

Or, complete a W-2 Reprint Request form and submit via mail, fax or hand delivered to Payroll as follow:

Mail: Texas State, Payroll and Tax Compliance (JCK-516), 601 University Dr, San Marcos TX 78666.

Drop Off:  Payroll Office JCK-516

Fax : 512-245-9292

Allow 2 business days to complete your reprint request. We will notify you when your request has been completed. 

For security reasons, we cannot fax or email W-2s.  They can be picked up in the Payroll Office (JCK-516) with proper identification or they can be mailed via the U.S. Postal system.

IRS opens 2019 tax filing season for individual filers (01/27/2020)

2019 W-2 are available online for employees who elected an electronic W-2.
Paper W-2 forms will be mailed January 31st.

Malicious Phishing Attempt (01/2020)

The messages below are a malicious phishing attempt and may be deleted.  In the future, please forward suspicious messages as attachments to so they may be properly received and reviewed.

" I have shared a very urgent information concerning  your payroll deposit.  Click"

"I have used OneDrive to share some very important information with you. Click"

If you or someone you know clicked on the link or provided any information, please contact ITAC immediately at 512-245-4822 as your (or their) account may have been compromised. Additionally, if you know anyone else in your area who received this message, please encourage them to report the message with its headers or as an attachment (see instructions below for reference).

To report a phishing message as an attachment to

  • Using the Windows plug-in option on university machines: click the email once to select it, then click on the “Junk” drop-down menu and click “Report as Phishing”
  • On Outlook for Windows, double-click the message in Outlook to open it in a new Window, and then go to File > Save As, and then send that file to
  • On Outlook for Mac, you can right-click on the message, and choose “Forward as Attachment.” Send that message to
  • In “Bobcatmail” (the Outlook Web App at, select the message, and choosing “Phishing” from the “Junk” drop down at the top of the page. This will automatically report the message.