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Assistance with Staff Hiring

Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit

The Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit offers a variety of strategies to integrate diversity and inclusion principles throughout the staff recruitment process to ensure a fair and equitable search process. This guide includes a Flip Book that covers the fundamental principles of diverse recruitment, including the six recruiting and selection guidelines listed below. The toolkit also offers supplemental informational videos on Diverse Recruitment and Screening & Hiring as well as resources to assist with the every aspect of the hiring process from recruitment through onboarding. 

Recruiting and Selection Guidelines in the Staff Selection Process

Tips on conducting an inclusive selection process

  1. Equity is determined by two factors:
    The consistency between the job description and the actual assessment criteria applied; and the consistency with which all applicants received the same treatment.
  2. The degree to which the selection process has been inclusive depends on:
    Hearing and leveraging diverse perspectives during the assessment process; a broad distribution of the position announcement; the diversity of the applicant pool; the willingness to expand the range of experiences accepted as evidence of future success; a conscious commitment to focus the assessment of each candidate against only the established criteria thereby minimizing the occasion to make/add assumptions.
  3. Discuss qualifications and arrive at consensus
    What knowledge, skills, and abilities must the successful applicant possess to begin the position?
    How does the committee define the terms used in the qualifications?
    What are we willing to accept as proof of qualifications?
    How and where are we likely to find information that will allow for consistent and equitable assessment of all candidates?
  4. Actively recruit for inclusion
    Target recruiting approach to reach a large, diverse, qualified pool of applicants.
    Apply appropriate recruiting efforts to offset challenges presented by position.
    Align search process with targeted recruitment plan and intended outcomes.
  5. Develop an assessment checklist or matrix using the published qualifications for this position.
    Incorporate the background set of experiences the committee agreed to accept as proof of qualifications. Complete this prior to review of applications.
  6. Ensure equitable treatment of all applicants.
    Assess all applicants against the same standard. Extend the same opportunities to all applicants.

Please refer to UPPS 04.04.03 for details.