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Monarch Center for Immigrant Students - Advisory Board and Network Members

Advisory Board & Network Members

  • Dr. Stella Silva, Chair, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Equity and Inclusion, Office of Equity and Inclusion (Advisory/Network)
  • Mr. Scott Ham, Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Advisory/Network or Network Representation)
  • Mr. Byron Kerr, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (Advisory/Network or Network Representation)
  • Ms. Michelle Sotolongo, Student Development Specialist I, Honors College (Advisory/Network)
  • Ms. Angelica Coronado, Attorney for Students, Dean of Students Office (Advisory/Network)
  • Dr. Gloria Martinez, Professor, Department of Sociology (Advisory/Network)
  • Dr. Bob Vasquez, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice (Advisory/Network or Network Representation)
  • Dr. Jaime Chahin, Dean, College of Applied Arts (Advisory/Network)
  • Ms. Vanessa Salazar, Manager, Organizational Development and Communications (Advisory/Network or Network Representation)
  • Dr. Rebecca Gonzalez, Psychologist, Counseling Center (Advisory/Network or Network Representation)
  • Dr. Candace Hastings, Director, Faculty Development (Advisory)
  • Mr. Jesse Silva, Associate Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (Advisory/Network) · Cal Iven, SCOPE Representative

*Advisory-Appointed to DACA Advisory Board

*Network -Offers direct services to DACA Students

*Network Representation-assigned by Network or Advisory Board Member to offer services to DACA students