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TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students

Mission Statement

The mission of the TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students is to provide a network of university leaders offering evidenced-based research, resources and support in the form of guidance, strategic initiatives for the academic success and inclusion of DACA and Immigrant students.

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Our Pledge

Educate – Provide access to higher education opportunities for DACA and immigrant students by actively engaging with and spreading awareness about educational laws and student rights.  

Support – Increase recruitment, retention, and graduation of DACA and immigrant students by addressing their unique academic, personal, and professional needs in a holistic manner by partnering with TXST academic and student service areas. The university is committed to promoting the safety, well-being, and success of these students while maintaining their confidentiality and identity. 

Advocate – Promote a welcoming campus climate through creation of a knowledgeable and sensitive university culture. Engage other higher education partners to create DACA and immigrant student-friendly policy.

Updates for DACA, Immigrant, and International Students

Contact Michelle Sotolongo if you are not eligible for traditional forms of assistance. 

If you need legal help or have questions about alternative options regarding the recent SEVP announcement about online courses, please contact the Attorney to schedule a free and confidential appointment with Dr. Angelica Coronado.

Points of Contact

Michelle Sotolongo, MA

Coordinator, Monarch Center for Immigrant Students
Coordinator Monarch Center for Immigrant Students

Phone: 512-408-2743


Office: Lampasas Hall Room 410

Stella Silva, PhD

Dr. Stella Silva, Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Equity & Inclusion
Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Equity & Inclusion

Phone: 512-245-2539


Office: J.C. Kellam Room 164

Angelica Coronado, JD

Angelica Coronado, Director, Attorney for Students Office
Director, Attorney for Students Office

Phone: 512-245-2370
Office: LBJ Student Center, Suite 5-1.5

Advisory Board & Network Members

TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students logo with butterfly and graduation cap
Board and Network members are committed to serving DACA and immigrant students.

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