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What to Do if Sexual Misconduct is Reported

What to Do if Sexual Misconduct is Reported to You

What 'Responsible Employees' should do when a complainant comes to them to report sexual misconduct      

  • Before a Complainant reveals any information to a responsible employee, the employee should ensure that the Complainant understands the employee’s reporting obligations - and, if the Complainant wants to maintain confidentiality, direct the Complainant to confidential resources.  
    • Counseling Center
    • Student Health Center
    • Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center
    • Attorney for Students
  • Provide a copy of the Sexual Misconduct Policy which explains the process and rights of all parties
  • Document additional information regarding the reported incident
  • Explain the reporting process to the Complainant
    • Title IX Coordinator must be notified
    • Report will be assessed by Title IX Coordinator
    • Complainant will be contacted by Equity & Access
    • Report may be investigated
      • Evidence will be collected and witnesses will be interviewed so the Investigator may prepare a report with Findings of Fact
      • Respondent will be afforded due process
      • Finding of "Violation of Policy" or "No Violation of Policy" will be issued in investigation report based on the preponderance of evidence
      • Sanctions may be put in place when applicable
    • Right to Appeal
  • Explain the options for reporting to law enforcement authorities, whether on campus or local police
  • Discuss confidentiality standards and concerns with the Complainant and advise that confidentiality may impact the University’s ability to investigate fully
  • An individual may also report an incident of sexual misconduct to the University Police Department as Title IX investigations are separate from criminal investigations
  • Discuss with the Complainant, as appropriate, possible interim accommodations/measures that would make the Complainant feel safe
    • Campus no-contact orders
    • Reassignment of housing or work assignments
    • Temporary withdrawal or suspension from the Component
    • Escort or transportation assistance
    • Modification of class schedules
    • Restrictions from specific activities or facilities

Sexual Misconduct

You can file a report for someone else, anonymously, or using a pseudonym.

Texas State University System Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy

If you need to make a report, please contact Ameerah McBride, Title IX Coordinator at 512-245-2539.