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Call for Funding Proposals and Award Nominations

Funding Proposals of Projects in Support of Texas State's Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Texas State's Equity and Access Committee is taking requests for a one-time funding of projects that support the Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which is a part of the 2017-2023 University Plan. Projects should impact large numbers of students, faculty, and staff during the following fall semester. Examples of projects include performances, lectures, exhibits, conferences, and symposia. Applicants may request up to $5000, and proposals that demonstrate the commitment of matching funds will receive priority.

Nomination Form for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards program is established to honor university community members for exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion at Texas State. These awards recognize and reward faculty and staff members for activities that promote the university’s diversity and inclusion goals and the impact of those activities.The university will present two awards each year: one to a faculty member and one to a staff member. Individual recipients will receive a $2,500 monetary award (less taxes) and a plaque funded through the Equity and Access Committee. All nominees will receive a letter from the chief diversity officer and director of Equity and Access congratulating them on their nomination.

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards
Nomination, Selection, and Award Timeline

February 15 - Chair of the Selection Committee notifies academic and staff administrators of the award and encourages them to submit nominations.

Chair sends similar notice to Equity and Access Committee.

March 30 - Chair completes review of nominations for completion and makes nominations available to selection committee.

April 21 - The selection committee will review all nominations and submit its evaluation of each candidate to the Equity and Access Committee. The Equity and Access Committee will determine its first, second, and third choices for the staff recipient and likewise for the faculty recipient.

June 1 - The Chair will submit the choices to the President via the Provost.

August 15 - The President will notify the award recipients and announce the results to the university community.