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Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

In support of an increasingly diverse campus environment, Texas State University in San Marcos uses a diversity management system based on a shared responsibility model that supports progress toward meeting our diversity goals. Texas State annually participates in a reporting process that provides analysis on our program.

Efforts include:
  • Instituting a program of faculty and staff development to enhance campus diversity
  • Implementing strategies that will support diversity learning in the classroom.
  • Enhancing recruitment of African American and Hispanic students
  • Ensuring higher levels of African American and Hispanic student retention
  • Ensuring effective recruitment of African American and Hispanic faculty and staff
  • Using Texas State's internally and externally projected image to promote our commitment to diversity
  • Making funds available through Research Enhancement Grants to conduct research on diversity issues.
  • Creating a system of oversight, assessment, and accountability to ensure that the goal of greater diversity is achieved.
  • Annually recommending to the President, faculty and a staff nominees for the Excellence in Diversity Award.


Equity and Access Committee

To learn more about the Equity and Access Committee, please visit our Equity and Access Committee page.

Diversity Plan Initiatives

Since the beginning of the strategic plan period, 2004, Texas State University has provided more than $200,000 specifically designated for on-campus projects that support our diversity plan goals. This represents a significant commitment to diversity in addition to the many efforts of offices across campus to reach our diversity goals.

Projects Funded 2004-2005  

Projects Funded 2005-2006  

Projects Funded 2006-2007  

Projects Funded 2007-2008  

Projects Funded 2008-2009

Projects Funded 2009-2010  

Projects Funded 2010-2011