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In Brief: Texas State professor named to social work roundtable

Raphael Travis
Raphael Travis

By Jack McClellan
Office of Media Relations
February 17, 2017

Texas State University professor Raphael Travis, Jr., was named to the University of Southern California’s roundtable on social work and the arts.

The roundtable will be held June 18-21 on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington, to discuss the intersection of social work and the arts, and examine how the arts have been applied in social work theory, research and interventions. Participants include scholars from the fields of philosophy, sociology, social work and different disciplines within the arts.

Travis, an associate professor of social work and the director of the bachelor’s in social work program, will focus on the theoretical conceptualization of the arts in the social work profession.

“I plan to discuss my scholarship and experiences integrating hip hop culture strategies to promote health and well-being for youth and young adults,” Travis said. “I plan to discuss how hip hop culture has been consistently used by people to promote esteem, resilience, growth, a sense of community and community change. Finally, I plan to discuss the important but underutilized role of music technology within the social work profession.”

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