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Texas State named among top 50 colleges for Hispanic students

By Kayla J. Kayden
University News Service
October 30, 2014 has named Texas State University as one of the nation’s “Top 50 Colleges for Hispanic Students” for 2014. 

Texas State ranked No. 17 out of 50 institutions.  The rankings are based on academics and the number of Hispanic students currently enrolled at each institution.  Each college on the list has a cultural center and degree programs or scholarships that enhance the experiences of Hispanic students, the site said.    

Michael Heintze, associate vice president for Enrollment Management and Marketing, said Texas State stations regional admissions counselors in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth and South Texas.

“As a public university, we feel our enrollment should reflect the population of our state. For many years, we have worked to connect with all students across Texas,” Heintze said.  

For the 2014 fall semester, preliminary numbers suggest Texas State’s Hispanic enrollment has increased approximately 9 percent to a record-breaking 11,626 and now accounts for 32 percent of the student body.

Heintze said more students are graduating from high school and Hispanic students are the fastest growing segment in Texas. Enrolling more Hispanic students is a statewide effort to increase diversity and “close the gaps” in higher education.

“To help ensure that Texas will have a robust economy, public universities have been asked to increase the number of college graduates,” Heintze said. “To accomplish this, we must recruit, enroll and graduate more students that reflect our state’s population.”

Texas State is the host of the Hispanic Policy Network of San Marcos, which is committed to the improvement of higher education opportunities for Hispanics.  The HPN staff and faculty assist Hispanics in network building, scholarship assistance and educational advocacy. 

For a complete list of the “Top 50 Colleges for Hispanic Students” for 2014, visit