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Letter to the editor, San Antonio Express-News

The following is the complete text of Texas State University's letter to the editor, portions of which appeared in the July 26, 2013 editions of the San Antonio Express-News:

Dear Editor,

The story, “Texas State University flunks state auditor’s test” (July 20, Page A4 ), erroneously implies that Texas State University failed a state audit, and mischaracterizes as “stinging” a report regarding the university’s financial reporting and contract management practices.

In fact, the audit concluded that the university has demonstrated control over its financial and operational processes – as the article itself points out. As is standard practice, the auditors identified several opportunities for improvements and made recommendations to enhance existing controls. The university is implementing the auditors’ recommendations.

The fact is the state audit was relatively benign. Auditors in the exit conference called their report about Texas State University “positive.” Your story and its headline gives readers a false impression of how Texas State University conducts its business.

Charles Amato,
Member, The Texas State University System Board of Regents
Chairman, SWBC

Denise M. Trauth,
President, Texas State University