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Welcome Back Bobcats Kits for businesses available Aug. 1

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
August 3, 2010

San Marcos area businesses can receive free “Welcome Back Bobcats!” kits to help them show their Bobcat Pride through a partnership between Texas State University and the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce starting August 1.

The kits contain valuable information about marketing to Texas State students as well as a poster for placement in storefronts and business lobbies.

“Texas State University enhances the quality of life in San Marcos in many ways. The campus contributes to the natural beauty of the city, and its presence as an academic center attracts students, visitors and industrial clients,” said Phyllis Snodgrass, president of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce. “The university helps the local economy to grow and insulates it from severe economic impacts,” she added.

Students are an important part of the San Marcos economy. “We are proud to partner with Texas State University to make students feel more welcome and a part of the San Marcos community. Although they may not be permanent residents, students make significant contributions while they are here, through spending, volunteerism and as employees,” said Snodgrass.

The local economic impact of the university is significant. Texas State generated more than $385 million in direct spending in Hays County in the 2006 fiscal year, according to the latest figures.

“The chamber official believes that if students are made to feel more welcome in San Marcos, they will take greater pride and responsibility as citizens during their tenure as residents,” Snodgrass said.

Included in the free packet are an 11 X 17 color poster, a calendar featuring major fall TxSt events to help with marketing planning, other tips on showing “Bobcat Pride,” and a list of ways to market your business and events to Texas State students, faculty and staff.

The packets are sponsored through an annual collaboration between the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas State University Office of Community Relations.

A limited number of packets are available at the chamber office. You may also get a kit at the Office of Community Relations located in the River House, or by emailing or calling (512) 245-9645.