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Cross-disciplinary lectures to explore social forces behind crime

By Alec Jennings
University News Service
February 10, 2010


Richard Rosenfeld

Richard Rosenfeld, president of the American Society of Criminology and expert on the social sources of violent crime, crime statistics and crime control policy will present a series of lectures March 5 on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus.

Sponsored by the Texas State psychology, criminal justice and sociology departments, Rosenfeld will guest lecture a forensic psychology course 9 to 9:50 a.m., Flowers Hall 341, open to all who are interested and present a public lecture, "Violent Crime, Property Crime and the Economy: A Unified Explanation," 6 to 7 p.m. in the Alkek Teaching Theatre.

Rosenfeld's cross-disciplinary lectures will explore crime trends worldwide and examine the social forces that can cause some crimes to increase and others to decrease.

"Rosenfeld's work does not just document such changes, it tries to explain those changes. Understanding why crime trends change is important for enforcement but also for setting public policy," said Randall Osborne, professor of psychology. "His visit illustrates the continued cooperation between various departments at Texas State that led to the development of the minor in forensic psychology. His work is an excellent illustration of these combined perspectives."

For further information about this event, please contact Randall Osborne at