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Heloise visits Texas State; schedules online chat

Posted by University News Service
Aug. 4, 2009

Heloise, internationally syndicated columnist and author, taught students basic life skills and team work tips when she recently visited her alma mater Texas State University-San Marcos.

Accompanied by reporter, Jura Koncius of the Washington Post, Heloise gave hints to and got hints from the students in her presentation “Teamwork! What are the Variables?” As she explained, teamwork is needed everywhere in life — roommates, classmates, travel mates and office mates.

A visit to her old residence hall (College Inn) proved that students still must deal with laundry, clean up their messes and take care of their high tech equipment.

Heloise also met with Texas State President Denise Trauth while visiting campus. They discussed what students still need to know and how to give them the tools they should have to succeed.

Heloise will join a scheduled Washington Post live chat, Thursday, August 6th, at 11a.m. Central Daylight Time with hints for parents and students. She will answer questions and share the three basic life skills every college student should know.

Visit for a direct link to the chat.