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Texas State sponsors mentor-protégé business agreement

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
August 4, 2009

HUB agreement signing

Texas State University-San Marcos has sponsored a mentor-protégé agreement between Sullivan Contracting Services of Seguin and Allied Associates Commercial Floors of Universal City as part of the Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Outreach Program.

Under the agreement signed Aug. 3, Sullivan Contracting Services will develop a close working relationship with Allied Associates Commercial Floors, teaching and explaining the process of contracting with Texas State as a HUB. The relationship will be overseen by the Texas State Division of Finance and Support Services.

“We do close to 90 percent of contract work ourselves, but we subcontract out certain jobs, such as flooring. This will allow us to streamline the HUB paperwork process,” said Kelle Sullivan of Sullivan Contracting Services. “This will make integration into HUB projects simpler and easier.

“Looking back, when we became a HUB vendor it would’ve been nice to have a mentor to learn from ourselves,” she said.

Elma Demory of Allied Associates Commercial Flooring explained that as a subcontractor, her company already had a good working relationship with Sullivan Contracting Services, but that the mentor-protégé program would enable them to more fully understand the requirements of HUB compliance.

“When Kelle first approached me about this, I was totally on board,” Demory said. “As a subcontractor, when it comes to filing paperwork, we tend to do, then redo and redo again. I want to understand their needs--They work off a different criteria put upon them by the university.

“There is so much going on behind the scenes, this will allow us to save time and to learn from them,” she said. “When the lines of communication are open, we can be more efficient and productive.”

Robert Moerke, director of contract compliance at Texas State, said that participating in the initiative will pay dividends for both businesses as well as the university.

“We attempt to locate and sponsor mentor-protégé relationships, and try to eliminate any problems in making those relationships work,” Moerke said. “Most of the time, they’re very successful. The key is that participation is voluntary.

“Not only are these companies benefitting directly in learning how to do business with Texas State, but they’ll benefit in doing business with other state agencies as well,” he said.

The Texas Legislature requires each state agencies and higher educational institutions to make a good faith effort to assure that HUBs receive an opportunity to compete for university contracts. For more information on HUBs, contact Texas Procurement and Support Services at, or Yolanda Strey, Texas State HUB specialist, at (512) 245-2523 or via email at