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Applied Arts students earn scholarships, fellowships

Posted by University News Service
July 10, 2009

The College of Applied Arts at Texas State University-San Marcos will award 50 $1,000 scholarships and eight graduate research fellowships to new graduate students in the fall of 2009.

Eligible graduate students enrolled in six or more hours in the fall compete academically for a one-time $1,000 College of Applied Arts Graduate Scholarship Award.

The Purpose of the Graduate Research Fellowship program is to engage graduate students with faculty in research collaboration. Each graduate student will be awarded a $12,500 graduate research fellowship to begin fall 2009 through the end of the spring 2010 semester.

The following students have been selected as recipients of a 2009-2010 Graduate Research Fellowship: Megan Brooks has been selected by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences to work on the “Kindergarten Readiness Project” with Sue Williams, Elizabeth Russell and Elizabeth Blunk, and the “Strengthening Families Project” with Michelle Toews and Ani Yazedjian. Juanita Escamilla was selected in the Human Nutrition Program to work with Vatsala Maitin and Michelle Lane on the “Role of Probiotic Bacteria and Colorectal Cancer Metastasis.”

The Department of Criminal Justice has selected Jonathon Allen to work with Pablo Martinez on the research proposal “Recidivism of Residential Facilities’ Treatment Programs in Texas.” Georgianna Brain will be working with Donna Vandiver and Mark Stafford on “A Research Study in the Identification of Distinguishing Characteristics of Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders.” Cheryl Rowden will be working with Jeff Cancino on “A Research Study to Identify Economic and Non-Economic Indicators of Influence on Homicides in San Antonio Neighborhoods Based on Racial/Ethnic Differences.”

The Department of Agriculture has selected two students; Ms. Erica Meier will be working with Dr. Tina Cade on “A Study Looking at the Invasive Species of the Rio Grande River Basin” and Ms. Alyson Ivey, will be working with Dr. Douglas Morrish on a project entitled “The Implementation and Effect of Active Student Organizations, Clubs, and Judging Programs on Recruitment and Retention of Incoming Freshmen”.

Scholarships are to be awarded by the departments and the dean of the College of Applied Arts. Each academic department in the college receives a portion of the scholarships based on departmental enrollment.

Scholarships, academic excellence and research opportunity are part of an ongoing student centered focus in the college and, as a result, graduate enrollment in the college continues to increase.

For more information about College of Applied Arts graduate scholarship opportunities contact Yolanda Quintanilla at (512) 243-3538.