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TxSt students donate old goods to United Way

Date released: 05/12/04

Texas State University - San Marcos students are graduating this weekend, and many more are leaving for the summer.

Abandoned items, such as housewares and clothes, are being left in record numbers. Students can leave unwanted items in bins in their dorms and know they'll get put to good use. When everyone is moved out, the articles are sorted and given to needy families. It's called 'Pack it up and Pass it on.'

"The first year that we did it, we had about 350 people attend the shopping, distribution day. Last year, there were 700 that attended, so this year, we're expecting about 1,000 people," Kim Porterfield of Texas State - San Marcos said.

"It's nice to see how it evolved, just to see the students giving back and the community accepting it and seeing that the students here have a lot to offer and we're good kids, we're not ... we don't just think about ourselves all the time," student volunteer Kandice Cruz said.

Donations will be accepted through Saturday, and sorting begins on Monday. The "free" garage sale for United Way recipients will be on Saturday, May 22. You can get a voucher through any United Way agency or the San Marcos Consolidated ISD. For more information, call (512) 245-9645.