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Teacher Recommendation

Teacher Recommendation Form for Mathworks Summer Math Programs

Thank you for recommending a student to our summer math programs!

Please carefully fill in all the information below and upload your one-page letter of recommendation.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 512-245-3439 or

Please submit this form within one week of the student applying.  This will help to ensure a complete application for us to review in a timely manner.

Note: After you click "submit," the system will automatically e-mail you a copy of your recommendation.

Applicant's Full Name

Program Name 


HSMC = Honors Summer Math Camp (for high school students)

JSMCR = Junior Summer Math Camp - Residential (for middle school students)

Half-Day JSMC = Half-Day Junior Summer Math Camp

Student is applying to: *

Recommending Teacher Information

Student Motivations and Attitudes

For each of the six categories below, please rank this student by comparing him/her to all other students you have taught in your entire teaching career.

Directions for Letter of Recommendation

Please upload a one-page letter of recommendation in PDF or Word format that describes the student's abilities in the 3 areas below.  Please feel free to include any other information that you think would be helpful in evaluating the student's potential to benefit from this summer program.  Please write your letter on official school letterhead.

  1. Mathematical abilities and potential
  2. Ability to work with others
  3. Persistence in approaching questions 

Please title the file, "Recommendation_studentfirstname_studentlastname"

By checking below, you are agreeing with the statement. *