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Math Quest Camp Curriculum Information

From a first-year program that introduces students to beginning concepts in algebra through play-acting and drama (dramathics), to a more advanced program in problem solving and discrete math, students enjoy exploring problems together and share in the excitement of mathematical exploration and discovery.

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Math Quest Topics by Book

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  • Exploring integers on the number line

                Building number lines

                Modeling elevation, temperature, and time with number lines

                Modeling addition on the number line

                Modeling subtraction on the number line

                Adding and subtracting large numbers

    Modeling problems algebraically

                Variables and expressions

                The chip model          

                Solving equations

                Solving equations on the number line

                Graphing on a coordinate plane




  • Patterns, graphs, and table

    Graphing on the coordinate plane

      Functions and graphs

                Adding and subtracting integers (review)

                Multiplication of integers


    Exploring fractions

    Modeling fractions

    Adding and subtracting fractions

    Multiplying fractions

    Equations with fractions




  • Area and Perimeter Relationships

                Comparing Measurements of Rectangles

                Comparing Measurements of Right Triangles

    Lines, Slopes, and Intercepts

                Relating Coordinates of Points

                Equations of Lines

                Slopes and Intercepts

                Line Applications

    Multiplying Fractions and Revisiting Slopes

                Patterns and sequences

                Detecting and describing change

                Ratios and proportions

  • Counting

                Learn the basics of set theory

                Use different ways to describe a set

                Find the union, intersection, and complement of sets

                Draw a Venn Diagram to represent sets

                Find the sample space of an experiment

    Rule of Product and Rule of Sum

                Use tree diagrams and tables to model problems

                Derive the rule of product and rule of sum

    Permutations and Combinations

                Count the number of outcomes of an experiment

                Define a k-combination

                Compare combinations to permutations

    Probability and Sampling

                Simple and compound events

                Mutually exclusive events

                Successive events

  • Logical Reasoning

    Questioning Techniques



    Number Theory

    Primes & Numbers of Divisors



    Greatest common divisor and least common multiple




    Variable Manipulation  

    Ratio and rate applications


    Rule of sum and rule of product

    Permutations and combinations



    Areas of Triangles & Quadrilaterals  

    Right triangles

    Scaling and similarity

Which Math Quest class is right for my student?

Remember that math is a subject that builds on itself and a strong foundation is very important.  Use this sample problem set to see how well your student is grasping the the concepts in each book. 

View sample Math Quest class problems