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JSCMR Student Pick Up Request Form

Please obtain prior approval before picking up your student.

For security and safety, we ask that you make your request and obtain approval before picking up your student.  Each request will be approved by the director to make sure he is aware of all student activities.  We recognize that two weeks is a long time but have found that "free time" and weekend field trips are the best time for your student to bond with the other campers.  

If you have special needs and wish to talk to us, please call us at 512-245-3439 or email us at

Please be advised that this is only a request. Upon approval we will send you specific information for the student hand off, including location and counselor.

Once we have reviewed your request we will notify you. Please refrain from picking up your student until you have received approval from our office. If you have any questions please call us at 512-245-3439.