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Mathworks Faculty

Mathworks leadership consists of top-notch faculty and administration. Faculty from the Texas State University's mathematics department and other institutions serve as teachers and research mentors in the annual summer math programs and teacher professional development programs.

e curtin

Dr. Eugene Curtin has been a member of the Texas State University faculty since 1988 and the Honors Summer Math Camp faculty since 1991. He teaches problem solving, combinatorics and abstract algebra and sometimes directs student research projects with the camp. He enjoys playing and discussing mathematical games and puzzles. His research interests have included differential geometry, abstract algebra and combinatorics. He is also a Mathematica enthusiast as well as an expert chess player.

e early

Dr. Edward Early is an associate professor of mathematics at St. Edward’s University and in charge of the Texas American Regions Math League (ARML) team that represents the state each year in this prestigious national competition. He has mentored numerous research projects for the Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC), including two teams that finished in the top six teams in the country as national finalists.  Dr. Early teaches Abstract Algebra in the HSMC during the summer, and his research is primarily in the area of combinatorics and discrete math. He previously worked at the PROMYS program at Boston University and RSI program at MIT, and was one of the founders of the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.

j shen

Dr. Jian Shen is a professor of mathematics at Texas State University. He has been directing student research projects with the Honors Summer Math Camp since 2003. He is also involved with the residential Junior Summer Math Camp. His research interests include Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Matrix theory, Probabilistic Methods in Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm, Game Theory, and Computer Networks. He has received research grants from NSF, THECB, NSERC (Canada), and NNSF (China). He was the 2nd placed student in the final of the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad 1985, and thus was selected to the Chinese IMO team in 1986. He received Canadian Mathematical Society Doctoral Prize in 1999. He was awarded an Academic Gold Medal from the Governor General of Canada in 1999. He won Texas State University Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities in 2004, and was named by National Academy of Science as a "Kavli Frontiers Fellow" in 2007.

s strickland

Dr. Sharon Stricklandassistant professor of mathematics, has been involved with the Mathworks teacher professional development program for several years.  Her speciality is in mathematics education research and pedagogy.

h warshauer

Dr. Hiroko Warshauer is an assistant professor of mathematics at Texas State University. She is a co-author of the Math Explorations curriculum, a Mathworks middle school textbook series state adopted in Texas, and the Junior Summer Math Camp curriculum. She provides professional development to support curriculum implementation and coordinates research of Mathworks projects.  She has also served as team leader for the Primary Math World Contest teams.  Her research interests include areas of teaching and learning that foster productive struggle. She received her B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, her M.S. in Mathematics from Louisiana State University, and her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Texas at Austin.

m warshauer

Dr. Max Warshauer is the Founder and Director of Texas Mathworks, and a Regents' Professor of Mathematics. He worked with Dr. McCabe and Dr. Hiroko Warshauer to develop the curriculum for the Junior Summer Math Camp, and teaches Number Theory in the Honors Summer Math Camp each summer. 

a white

Dr. Alex White is a professor of mathematics  at Texas State University. He is a co-author of the Mathworks school year curriculum, and has also worked extensively with the Mathworks professional development program.  Dr. White has also mentored several research projects during the Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp.

In Memorium

Sam Baethge was a retired secondary math teacher and former coach of the Texas ARML team. For many years, he helped to coach the Mathworks team that competed in the international Primary Math World Contest.