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Mathworks Curriculum Video Podcast Project

San Marcos, TX - April 5, 2011

Sponsored by 3M, this exciting project brings technology into the mathematics classroom. Teachers and students from the Kealing Magnet Program in Austin have created engaging math lessons and activities aligned with the Mathworks Math Explorations Part 2 curriculum.

This peer-to-peer learning project adds a new component to the Mathworks curriculum project.  Video podcasts enable students to learn mathematics from a different perspective by working with peers their own age to investigate and explain math concepts.  By facilitating peer learning, the video podcasts encourages students to be excited about mathematics and inspire their creativity.

With topics ranging from negative and positive integers to primes to geometry, the podcasts serve as a great resource to young students everywhere seeking to build a foundation in mathematics.  View the entire series of podcasts here.

About Mathworks

Texas Mathworks is a center for innovation in mathematics education at Texas State University. Our mission is to develop model programs and self-sustaining learning communities that engage Texas K-12 students from all backgrounds in doing mathematics at a high level.  Mathworks core programs are the Junior and Honors Summer Math Camps, Teacher Training, and Curriculum Development.  

The Mathworks curriculum has been implemented with over 4,000 middle school students during the past three years, significantly increasing students' algebra readiness skills across Texas.