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PMWC 2010 Team Announced

February 12th, 2010 - San Marcos, TX

Texas Mathworks is pleased to announce our team members for the 13th Annual Primary Math World Contest (PMWC).  Our team members are:

  1. Alexander W.; The WoodLands, Texas
  2. Victor Z.; Plano, Texas
  3. Michael M.; Plano, Texas
  4. Vincent L.; Houston, Texas

This outstanding team of middle school students will compete against teams from around the world during the PMWC contest in Hong Kong this July.  In preparation for the contest, the team will attend the Junior Summer Math Camp at Texas State University from June 7 - June 18, 2010.   

The PMWC is sponsored by the Po Leung Kuk (香港保良局), a renowned Hong Kong welfare and school-sponsoring organization that seeks to foster friendly relations among elementary and middle school students from different countries. 

About Mathworks

Texas Mathworks is a center for innovation in mathematics education at Texas State University. Our mission is to develop model programs and self-sustaining learning communities that engage Texas K-12 students from all backgrounds in doing mathematics at a high level. Summer math camps and after school programs include undergraduate counselors mentored by more experienced math teachers, who themselves are being trained as teacher-leaders for their districts. Developing students' natural math abilities earlier is critical to their success in algebra and more advanced math. Mathworks programs are raising the level of mathematics for all students, while developing our leaders for the 21st century.