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Math Inquiry Groups at San Marcos Elementary Schools

This article appears in the Spring 2007 Edition of Working Together: San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District newsletter.

The four elementary campuses are receiving support in mathematics instruction from Texas State professors.  All of the elementary math lead teachers and De Zavala's third and fourth grade teachers meet twice a semester to discuss instructional strategies.  Ms. Hiroko Warshauer and Dr. Terry McCabe are the mathematicians providing support.

During the meetings, they focus on the successes and challenges that they are experiencing with Everyday Mathematics (EDM).  The teachers share ideas and strategies to increase student understanding.  Ms. Warshauer and Dr. McCabe teach the group a variety of methods for teaching a skill.  One teacher commented, "I love that they teach us the linear model and area model.  If it helps me to better understand, I know if will help my students."  The professors are helping the teachers gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum and the program.

This group of teachers is now considering participating in a Japanese Lesson Study.  De Zavala participated in a lesson study last year.  The focus of the lesson was ordering decimals.  The third grade English Second Language (ESL) students were successful, and the participants enjoyed the experience.  We are thankful for the partnership with Texas State University.

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