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Mathworks Hosts Mathematics Education Symposium

September 16, 2014 - San Marcos, TX

Mathworks, a center for mathematics education at Texas State University, hosted its first ever "Mathematics Education Symposium" at the Embassy Suites of San Marcos.  The Symposium included rich discussions about math education, pedagogy, teaching, and learning.  Former NCTM president Gail Burrill kicked-off the Symposium with a talk about math education research.  Five Ph.D. students in Math Education at Texas State shared their research and work they conducted in the summer with Mathworks.  Math Department faculty members Max Warshauer, Hiroko Warshauer, Terry McCabe, Sharon Strickland, and Alex White gave overviews of programs at Mathworks, and how they fit the research agenda of Texas State.  In attendance were a number of other graduate students, professors from other universities, and teachers from across central Texas.