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Heloise Visits Texas Mathworks

Texas Mathworks is honored to host Heloise as a colloquium speaker to the Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC).  Heloise will be collaborating with the Honors Camp students to write Hints to Heloise for college and high school students that will then be printed in her column and posted on  The colloquium will be held on the Texas State University campus, on July 16, 2008 from 10:30am-12pm.  Heloise graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1974 with a double major in Business Administration and Mathematics with a teacher’s certificate.  She is an internationally known columnist, with her 7 days a week column Hints from Heloise appearing in more than 500 newspapers in the United States and internationally. She is a contributing editor and monthly featured columnist for Good Housekeeping magazine with a readership of 25 million.  Heloise is also a Texas State Distinguished Alumnus, and role model for young women.

The HSMC is the flagship program of Mathworks, with 75 students and counselors participating each summer in an intensive mathematics program. The HSMC has been recognized by the American Math Society Epsilon Fund as one of the top mathematics programs in the country with 8 grants. Mathworks was recognized by Governor Perry as one of five programs in Texas to receive the 2001 Texas Higher Education Star Award for Closing the Gaps, in recognition of its success in raising the mathematics level for all students, particularly underserved groups.

Texas Mathworks is a center for mathematics education at Texas State University that develops model programs and self-sustaining learning communities that engage Texas K-12 students from all backgrounds in doing mathematics at a high level. The Honors Summer Math Camp is a 6-week residential program that attracts students from throughout Texas and nationally. For more information about this and other Mathworks programs see the web at, or call 512-245-3439.