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Siemens Competition 2017

Nine teams of the Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) campers competed at the 2017 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology. Nine of the teams were recognized as Semifinalist. The ninth team placed in the Regional Finalist and will move onto the next competition between the 101 Regional Finalist to hopefully compete at Nationals. 

Second and third year campers at the HSMC do original research each year, beginning before camp. This year, a total of 13 mentors from Texas State and industry in the surrounding area mentored small groups of students. 

  • David Snyder’s team: Algebraic Topological Applications in Data Modeling and Analysis
    • Jenny Lu, Elijah Stroud, Rachel Laing
  • Gary Beal’s team: A Predictive Model of the Spontaneous Segregation of Spherical Nanoparticles Due to Force Imbalances
    • William Wang, Kyle Wang, Lucy Xu
  • Lucas Rusnak’s team: A Complete Characterization of Oriented Hypergraphs with Singular Laplacians
    • Junu Lee, Elizabeth Guo, Saba Zerefa
  • Ray Treinen’s team: A Numerical Study of Floating Drops
    • Eric Wu, Josh Kolenbrander, Grace Zhang
  • Shuying Sun’s team: Integrated Analysis of Gene Expression and Methylation Data for Breast Cancer Cell Lines
    • Juyon Lee, Catherine Li, Jessica Ding
  • Suho Oh’s team: Criteria for Determining Concordance in Positroids
    • Andrew Lu, Claire Zhou, Brandon Chen**Advanced to Regional Finals but did not advance to National Competition.
  • Tim Chase’s team: Topological Characterization of Graph Study
    • William Wang, Linda Yu, Kathleen Zhang
  • Wuxu Peng’s team: A Novel Algorithm for Enhancing the naïve Bayes Spam Filter Through Text Modification Detection
    • Linda Huang, Julia Jia, Emma Ingram
  • Young Ju Lee’s team: A Three Species Model for Wormlike Micellar Fluids in Porous Media and its Applications
    • Jonathan Shoemaker, Ethan Nolen

Congratulations to these nine teams and their mentors for being recognized for their impressive work on original questions in math and science! We wish the regional finalist, Claire Zhou, Andrew Lu, and Brandon Chen, luck as they continue on to compete at Regionals!