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AMS Donation 2020

Mathworks Received Grant from American Math Society


Mathworks received a grant of $9,000 from the American Math Society (AMS) Epsilon Fund to support the Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC). This donation will provide scholarships for students with financial need, helping to ensure that all students can attend the HSMC regardless of their financial background. The Epsilon Fund annually recognizes the top summer math programs in the country. This is the 19th time that the Epsilon Fund has awarded a grant to support the Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp.

The HSMC is a 6-week mulit-year residential program for talented high school students where advanced students work on original research mentored by faculty.  

Hundreds of young students have attended the Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) over the past 30 years.  Alumni of our HSMC have gone on to great success in advanced academic study and budding careers.  The formative experiences of the HSMC develops and builds future leaders who are able to make an impact on and give back to society.

The average SAT math score of HSMC students is 720 (95th percentile) and the average SAT verbal score is 640 (90th percentile).

University Admissions

HSMC students apply to and are frequently admitted into the nation's top-tier universities.  Almost 80% of HSMC alumni go on to major in math, science, or engineering in college.  The large number of HSMC alumni at some of the nation's best colleges provides a welcoming community to new students. The network of HSMC alumni remains active during a student's academic career and beyond.

The top five colleges that HSMC alumni attend are:

  1. University of Texas at Austin

  2. Stanford

  3. Rice University

  4. Harvard

  5. MIT

Research Competitions

As part of the HSMC, returning students have the opportunity to conduct original math research with university professors.  Our students have done exceptionally well in national research competitions, such as the Intel ISEF and the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, & Technology.  A full listing of HSMC student results in the Siemens Competition can be seen here.

About Mathworks

Mathworks is a center for mathematics education at Texas State University with core programs of Summer Math Camps, Teacher Training and Curriculum Development. The Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp and Honors Summer Math Camp are nationally recognized as two of the premier programs in the country. For more information about the camps, and other Mathworks programs, see