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3M Donation Provides Research Opportunities To Students In Summer Math Program

February 2, 2015 – San Marcos, TX
3M has announced a $10,500 donation to support research opportunities during the 2015 Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) program, hosted by Mathworks at Texas State University. This funding will provide engaging and exciting opportunities to students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to conduct original math and science research. In 2014, 3M scientists Dr. Eumi Pyun and Dr. Carl Fisher mentored a team of three HSMC students on a project modeling the fire-retardant properties of different molecules. 3M researcher Kandyce Bohannon mentored another team of three students on a project regarding 2D and 3D image reconstruction. Bohannon also visited the HSMC program during the summer of 2014 to give a guest talk, sharing her degree and career trajectory, and the research she does at 3M. Towards the end of the summer, the students in the HSMC program visited the 3M Austin campus and shared the results of their research with 3M employees.
This continued partnership pledged by 3M is part of a larger initiative to engage, develop, and motivate young students in their pursuit of doing mathematics and science.  In the HSMC program, students develop their critical and creative thinking skills through unique learning experiences.  3M's commitment to providing math and science learning opportunities to students is helping to develop the next generation of engineers and scientists. Russell Bridges, Manager of 3Mgives and Public Affairs, remarked, "We have found that the HMSC program attracts some of the brightest, most energetic young minds. It is a pleasure for 3M to be able to support the program, and our scientists enjoy the opportunities to interact with them during their research."