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2021 Max Warshauer a "Superhero of Mathematics"


On August 5, 2021, Mathematical Association of America (MAA) president Michael Dorff delivered his Retiring Presidential Address, “Who Are the Frodos and Celies of Mathematics?” at MathFest, the summer national meeting of the MAA. In his address Dorff challenged the mathematics profession to recognize members whose greatest contributions to the field are in education, mentoring, and community service. Max Warshauer was named in this talk as one of 24 “Superheroes of Mathematics” for his success in educating over 4,000 young mathematicians through the Honors Summer Math Camp and Junior Summer Math Camp programs. 

From the citation nominating him for this distinction: “Max has a skill that I find to be incredibly rare among mathematicians: generating enthusiastic community support, shared purpose, and concerted philanthropic activity large enough to sustain a program without large, recurring infusions of public funding, which are increasingly difficult to secure. His work stems from a deep belief in every student’s potential to do mathematics at a high level and his conviction that every student should have opportunities to experience mathematics as a human endeavor full of opportunities for exploration, insight, and joy.”