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Mathworks completes first online Honors Summer Math Camp successfully

Due to COVID-19, Mathworks at Texas State University successfully moved their on-campus Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) online for the first time in 30-years. As of July 31, Mathworks wrapped up HSMC and celebrated as students, faculty, and staff began to express their gratitude for the program’s continuation amidst the circumstances. 

Programs such as Canvas, Latex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams made the camp a virtual reality. Although the program was different than years past, students were still able to participate in class lectures, study groups, research opportunities, colloquiums, and fun virtual activities. 

Throughout the years, HSMC has been a place where students share their passion for math with their peers and create lasting friendships. Although online, this year was no different, Corona Chen a first-year student stated, “The aspect that sets HSMC apart from other programs is the emphasis on bonding with other campers. Throughout camp I really felt that I could relate to my classmates…I made a few extremely close friends throughout camp. 

Mathworks created an online environment where students felt comfortable sharing their experiences and allowed a space for friendships to form. Study groups consisting of four students and a counselor allowed for students to interact in a more intimate environment and create unique bonds with their group. Mathworks goal for next year is for students to return to camp and be able to meet in person while continuing their passion for math alongside one another.