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2019 San Marcos Lions Club gives to the Junior Summer Math Camp

Mathworks received a gift of $1,600 from San Marcos Lions Club to support the Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC). This donation will provide scholarships for students with financial need, helping to ensure that all students can attend the JSMC regardless of their financial background. This is the 7th time that the San Marcos Lions Club has awarded a gift to support the Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp.

The JSMC is a 2-week multi-level half-day program for students in grades 3 – 8.  Last year, 179 students attended the program.

“During Level 5 math camp, I learned a lot of advanced math. This was nice because we weren’t learning the same stuff I have just learned in school. Math camp has also made math much more fun for me. Math camp gives a good example of what math truly is.”

2018 JSMC 8th-grade student

“My experience was awesome! Mathworks is different from my school because it gets me ahead of the math we learn in school.  I love the games we play that help me understand the math.”

2018 JSMC 4th-grade student

Math camp has changed me by me not giving up when I make mistakes, and to not be afraid to get out there and do the math. 

2018 JSMC 5th-grade student