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2019 PMWC Team Announced

2019 Mathworks PMWC Team Announced

We had 518 students take the Mathworks Math Contest, and 40 schools participated by proctoring the test. We wish to extend congratulations to all students who took the exam. The average score was 2.41. This test is an extremely challenging exam that we hope will encourage students to explore mathematics at a high level. - MMC Stats: - Number of test takers: 518 - Number of girls: 178 - Number of boys: 340 - Average Score: 2.41 - Number of schools participating: 40 Out of those students four will be selected to represent the United States at the Primary Math World Contest (PMWC). These students are chosen based on their test scores and their eligibility to attend the PMWC. 

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Mathworks Team:

  • Hiroko Warshauer, Team Leader,
  • Genesis Dibrell, Deputy Team Leader
  • Anne Christiono, Team Member
  • Tina Li, Team Member
  • Eric Peng, Team Member
  • Christopher Qiu, Team Member