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Free Math Activities and Worksheets: Math Explorer Magazine

Each issue of Math Explorer contains fun math activities and worksheets. These are designed for the middle school grades (6th, 7th, and 8th grades). There are fun math challenges and puzzles in each issue! These math worksheets are free for use by students, parents, and teachers. Download any issue below and use it with your students! The PDF files are printable and easy to use.

Note: Math Explorer is no longer in publication.


MEnov98 (PDF, 3 MB)


MEjan99 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEfeb99 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEmar99 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEapr99 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEsum99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEoct99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEnov99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEdec99 (PDF, 3 MB)


MEjan00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEfeb00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEmar00 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEapr00 (PDF, 6 MB)
MEsum00 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEfall00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEwin00 (PDF, 2 MB)


MEspr01 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEsum01 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEfall01 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEwin01 (PDF, 3 MB)


MEspr02 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEsum02 (PDF, 2 MB)
MEfall02 (PDF, 3 MB)
MEwin02 (PDF, 2 MB)


MESpr03 (PDF, 481 KB)
MESum03 (PDF, 454 KB)
MEFall03 (PDF, 565 KB)
MEwin03 (PDF, 619 KB)


MEspr04 (PDF, 344 KB)
MEsum04 (PDF, 298 KB)
ME Fall 2004 (PDF, 9 MB)
ME Winter 2004 (PDF, 8 MB)


MESpring05 (PDF, 5 MB)
ME Summer 05 (PDF, 21 MB)
MEFall05 (PDF, 10 MB)
MEWinter05 (PDF, 7 MB)


MESpring06 (PDF, 30 MB)
MESummer06 (PDF, 25 MB)