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Have Questions about the Mathworks Math Contest?

You have come to the right place. Below are frequently asked questions and answers. If you happen to have questions that we have not answered below please contact us at 512-245-3439. We would be happy to answer any questions, if you can not reach us during office hours, 9AM to 5PM please email us at 

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  • The contest is designed for middle schoolers, 6th-8th graders. If you have students who are not in those current grade levels but would still like to participate please contact us. 

  • We ask that math teachers and/or coaches proctor the contest. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, some schools may need to provide a virtual testing environment.  In this case, the 2020 MMC may be administered by other individuals.  

  • The teachers and,or coaches can register through our website. We ask that the coaches or teachers register so we can get a good count of the total number of students and the proctor's email address. Please keep in mind this will be email that you will receive the tests and any other notifications from us. 

  • The students are allotted 120 minutes to complete 15 questions. They are highly encouraged to show all of their work. Calculators are not allowed. We ask that everyone follow these few rules. If these rules are not followed it would give some students an unfair advantage. 

  •  Participants of the MMC are invited to apply to the residential Junior Summer Math Camp program, a prestigious two-week summer math program held on the Texas State University campus. Four qualified, top-scoring students will be selected to represent Texas during the Po Leung Kuk Primary Math World Competition.  

  • We will notify you, as well as the student/parent, through your emails. This is why we ask all the students to provide their email address on the front portion of the test. 

  • You may look over and practice with past tests from the MMC.

  • A student born between September 1st, 2007 and August 31st, 2009 are eligible to compete in the 2021 PMWC. Students must not be enrolled in any high-school credit courses in order to be able to compete.  This information is subject to change as regulated by the Po Leung Kuk.