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Texas State University

Internship Experiences



Christopher Schave, former IS major with an International Business focus completed an internship in Shandong, China in the summer of 2010. Through the World Exchange College of Language (WELC), Christopher taught English to students from ages 7-25 from China and Korea at Yantai University. While working at the university of Yantai, Christopher Schave also had the opportunity to work as the Director of Teaching Affairs. His experience has definitely impacted his future in a postitive way.

"The International Studies program at Texas State University-San Marcos afforded me the opportunity to study in three countries outside the US and prepared me for my current job where I work in Holland as a Management Consultant."


Renee Ness, former MAIS student worked in Cambodia in May and June  of 2010 for an NGO, “Sustainable Cambodia”, where she observed education programs and gave solar energy demonstrations to rural school children. She also visited rural villages where bio-sand water filters and rainwater collection systems were demonstrated and installed. It was a rewarding experience that has changed her career direction and studies. Renee has recently been invited to work on a book chapter about how culture in Southeast Asia may be affected by global warming. She hopes to return to Cambodia soon and continue work with Sustainable Cambodia and further develop sustainable projects there.


“After an entire summer of teaching English to students at the Universidad Nacional de Agricultura, I gained a vast amount of knowledge about a country which I previously knew little about. Specifically, I learned about the geography, language, customs, socioeconomic issues, and they daily concerns of Hondurans. Additionally, I increased my level of understanding of how people with few resources manage to seemingly live happily in a small rural town situated in a developing country. Furthermore, I gained a great deal of confidence in myself by proving that if I work hard I can accomplish my goals.” - Paul Vega, former MAIS student and Cleaves Fellowship recipient.

 "My internship abroad was a fantastic learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to network. Working with Partnership International (formerly The Fulbright Society-Cologne) in Cologne, Germany gave me the chance to explore the world of non-profit study abroad organizations, not to mention all of the work that goes into keeping these organizations running. My co-workers were fun, friendly, and helpful, but I was quickly able to establish that completing secretarial tasks 40 hours a week in an office is not my cup of tea- I am glad to have had a "test run" to find this out, rather than a fixed job.
The best part of my internship experience was the host family stay and travel. Weekends were my time with family, as well as my time to explore. I visited cities around Germany and even got the chance to stay with a friend I met at the train station in Paris. I was able to meet new friends and contacts that could help me along my career path. I'm glad to have gotten such an awesome opportunity!"- Hylary Ahrendt, former IS major.