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Honorary Professors

The Professor of International Studies is an honorary appointment.  Faculty members who are awarded this title must be full, tenured professors, have experience in teaching international or comparative courses, and have a research interest in international topics. Honorary Professors of International Studies participate in Center events and are awarded a small research/travel grant in recognition of the significance of this appointment. We would, also, like to recognize our Steering Committee and their assistance on the selection of our Honorary Professors.

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International Studies Steering Committee

The purpose of the International Studies Steering Committee is to

  1. Advise the Center’s director on academic and strategic planning;
  2. Integrate an international perspective across the curriculum;
  3. Promote study abroad and international faculty exchanges;
  4. Support extracurricular activities that stress an international dimension; and
  5. Nominate to the provost and appropriate dean tenured faculty for the academic designation of “Professor of International Studies,” which will be an honorary designation that will be added to the nominee’s regular academic appointment and published in the University catalog, e.g., Professor of Sociology and International Studies.

College of Business:

College of Science:

College of Health Sciences:

College of Applied Arts:

College of Fine Arts:

College of Education:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Liberal Arts:

Dr. Jack Mogab, Economics and Finance

Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman, Technology

Dr. Karen Brown, Social Work

Dr. Aditi Angirasa, Agriculture

Dr. Sandhya Rao, Mass Communication

Dr. Jennifer Battle, Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Paul Hart, History

Dr. Robert Gorman, Political Science

Dr. Hassan Tajali, Political Science

Dr. Teya Rosenberg, English

Dr. Jennifer Forrest, Modern Languages

Dr. Fred Day, Geography