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Graduate Program


Degree Information

The Master of Arts with a major in International Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that prepares students for challenging careers in government, business, and nonprofit organizations. The course of study prepares students for work and leadership in an interdependent world by equipping them with proficient oral and written communication skills, familiarity with the world's major regional cultures, and technical skills with optional emphases in international communication, computer information systems, industrial manufacturing, and area studies.

Class Outside of Old Main

Application Requirements

Graduate College Application:

To complete your Graduate College Application and to review admission requirements, please see the Graduate College website HERE

If you are a Returning Peace Corps Volunteer and interested in applying for the Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship, please see the link below regarding award details, eligibility requirements, application requirements, selection process, and contact information:
Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship

Center for International Studies Application Requirements:

  • A current resume
  • An essay (two to five pages) that describes why the student is considering the International Studies Program, how it fits into a process of professional development, and what the student hopes to accomplish by enrolling in the program
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors, submitted to the Graduate College
  • All documents should be submitted using the Graduate Admissions Document Upload System which can be found HERE

International Students: International Students must have TOEFL scores that meet the minimum Graduate College International Student Admission Requirements.

Current Graduate Students

Degree Requirements

The MA-International Studies program offers both a 30 credit hour thesis option and a 36 hour non-thesis option.

The program of study includes required core courses, a group of elective courses, and either thesis or an internship, depending on which option is pursued. Students must demonstrate successful completion of courses in micro and macroeconomics and provide evidence of proficiency in a foreign language (other than English). Some courses may have additional prerequisites that are required by the academic departments before enrollment is approved. Review the program checksheets for more specific program details.

Helpful Links

Master of Arts in International Studies - Thesis Option Checklist

Master of Arts in International Studies - Non-Thesis Option Checklist

Specific Graduation Requirements

Oral Exam

All graduate students in International Studies, whether thesis or non-thesis are required to pass an oral examination in order to graduate. The exam is administered by a committee of three graduate faculty members whom the student selects and usually takes place about two to three weeks before graduation. One of the faculty members, chosen by the student and with the consent of said faculty member, serves as the chair of the oral exam committee and is responsible for managing the exam and coordinating the exam report that is submitted to the Center for International Studies. The Center will forward the result of the oral exam report to the Graduate College. The student is responsible for selecting the oral exam committee and for coordinating the date, time, and location of the exam. In most instances, the oral exam lasts one hour, but it may be longer, depending upon a majority decision of the faculty committee.


Students who decide to pursue the thesis track will be able to write a thesis in Geography, History, Mass Communications, Political Science, Sociology, or Spanish. The student will be required to take the two course sequence in their respective field of study and will choose a faculty member from that department to serve as their thesis advisor. Together with their thesis advisor, they will form a three-member thesis committee. The student will defend their thesis to their committee in their final semester, which serves as their oral exam. Students who complete the thesis track will be afforded the opportunity to publish their thesis, further bolstering their resume.

Helpful Links

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