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Latin American Engagement at Texas State

The Texas State Latin American Engagement plan started about two years ago, and it was a plan to comprehensively work on student mobility and engagement in Latin America. We are interested in moving more students into Latin America through Study Abroad, and we are actively welcoming more students to Texas State University from Latin America. But we don't stop there, we actually go beyond that and focus on faculty mobility, as well. That includes allowing faculty the chance to do teaching and research in Latin America, as well as hosting visiting faculty through our J-1 exchange visitor program. Overall, we believe in intra-hemispheric cooperation, and it all ties back to the 100k Strong initiative that was created several years ago. 

The 100k Strong initiative idea was to exchange students, faculty, and educational ideas through research and learning, to make sure that the western hemisphere was cooperating. We have a shared history with Latin America, and we have a common future that is very bright right now in the western hemisphere. By working with governmental agencies and higher education institutions, we have taken the opportunity to really figure out how we can deepen our connections with our friends and counterparts throughout Latin America. 

Associate Director, Latin American Engagement
Manuel Goel
(512) 245-7045

Texas State in Latin America Programs

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Tec de Monterrey at Texas State

Julio Gomez was a Texas State International Exchange student from Tec de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. He studied Business and Finance at Texas State University for the Spring 2016 semester. Julio was also able to experience our Texas State Intensive English program. Check out his video to learn more about his time at Texas State!

*(Video primarily in Spanish)

Research Initiatives in Nicaragua

research initiatives in Nicaragua
research initiatives in Nicaragua 2

The College of Health Professions is starting a Collaboratory for Clinical Health Research to serve as a catalyst for the promotion of interdisciplinary research collaborations focused on rural health research at Texas State by providing applied research and mentoring opportunities, building interdisciplinary teams, involving community stakeholders living in disadvantaged areas, and assisting patients and their caregivers with chronic and infectious diseases.

The purpose of the Collaboratory is to be the Texas State Research Hub, and a central point of entry for all faculty, students, and community stakeholders seeking to engage in clinical health research conducted in applied settings using an interdisciplinary team approach.

For more information about this initiative, check out the Texas State Global News Nicaragua-nursing program coverage.

Texas State Makes Future plans with UAEM in Mexico

Previous Assistant Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Ryan Buck, recently visited Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) in pursuit of opening academic relationships for research in Geography, Criminal Justice, and Engineering departments. Dr. Buck met with officials of the University, Dr. Jorge Olvera and Dr. Alfredo Barrera, and discussed promoting potential student exchange programs, short visits, faculty-led courses, and post-doctoral student opportunities.

Texas State Makes Future plans with UAEM in Mexico