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Collaborative Online International Learning

Advancing COIL for Internationalization at Texas State University

International Affairs is pleased to advance initiatives in collaborative online international learning for the benefit of faculty, students and international partners. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) can facilitate highly effective, cost-saving, measurable global learning. A COIL learning environment uses innovative technology to integrate global learning into the curricula of students who may be place or time-bound. COIL courses can be launched in all disciplines and facilitating interdisciplinary connections can be particularly effective in allowing students to make unique insights. For more information about this exciting intiative, please contact Rosario Davis at

Why is COIL different?

COIL develops team-taught learning environments where instructors from two cultures create a shared module emphasizing experience and collaboration.

International Learning

COIL brings Texas State University's faculty and students together with international peers intentionally...whether face to face, online or both.

Texas State COIL in practice

Texas State faculty are already using COIL-style content in their courses. Expansion and development of COIL at Texas State broadens global competency across the curriculum. Texas State Partners are engaged in COIL practices with other US institution partners. (The list below is not comprehensive).

Course US Institution International Partner Institution Country Texas State Faculty
MGMT 5339 International Human Resource Management Texas State University Mälardalen University Sweden Dr. Rob Konopaske
Global Workplace SUNY IT Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Germany (Hannover is a Texas State Partner)
Intl. Field Experience: Early Childhood & Adolescence Education SUNY Geneseo University of Exeter England (University of Exeter is a Texas State Partner)
ARTC 5360P International Design Synergy Project Texas State University Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Universidad ORT, Istituto Europeo di Design, Kyoto Sangyo University Netherlands, Uruguay, Italy, Japan Claudia Roeschmann
US 1100 & TSIE Online Advanced Speaking Texas State University Universidad Veracruzana Mexico Dr. Oleksandra Sehin/Lauren Miller

Available COIL Courses at Texas State University

Texas State faculty who are interested in future COIL collaborations are listed below. We welcome direct contacts, or international partners may contact International Affairs at

Course Description COIL Synergy Interests Available Semesters (spring, summer or fall) Contact Name Contact Email
University Seminar (US 1100) Designed to meet transitional needs of new students. Includes learning strategies Collaborative projects, cross interviews, cross lectures Fall and Spring Dr. Oleksandra Sehin

Getting Started with COIL

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