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International Agreements and MOUs

Memorandums of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – a general preliminary document created to establish that each entity is prepared and agrees to develop collaborative activities related to student or faculty exchange, research, or instruction between cooperating entities. An MOU typically involves a university representative within a department or school and provides an avenue for future collaboration through an international agreement. An MOU does not commit either entity to a specific activity or funding. MOUs often precede, but are not required to precede, international agreements.



  • For the form required to initiate a new MOU, please refer to the following link:  MOU / IA Request Form



  • For the current Texas State University MOU template, please refer to the following link: General MOU template.  Please email Holly Tipton at (with a copy to Rosario Davis at if you are interested in developing, renewing or terminating an MOU.

International Agreements

International Agreement (IA) – a specific commitment to pursue a predetermined activity or set of activities with identified funding or resources. An IA must include program-specific details for activities.  For example, any language training programs, international field research, internships, exchange of faculty, staff, and students, and any financial obligation with an international entity would considered an "International Agreement".

  • Each international agreement is tailored to the specific scope of work.  Please contact Holly Tipton at (copy to Rosario Davis at who will draft the agreement.



  • For the form required to initiate an international agreement, please refer to the following link: MOU / IA Request Form