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Programs and Application

Variety of Programs

The Fulbright Program offers a variety of award options to U.S. Scholars.  Different awards offer lecturing, research, varying times abroad, multiple visits and multiple countries. Investigate more at CIES webpage.

Applications for Fulbright Senior Specialist grants, which fund short-duration (3-6 week) visits to other countries, are accepted year-round. Successful applicants are added to the Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster, from which interested countries select invitees. Because the application process involves a number of unique elements, interested faculty should contact Daris Hale before proceeding.


The application process for the Fulbright Program, while thorough, should certainly not be formidable. The applications for the flagship Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program in either lecturing and/or research are due by August 1 each year at This website has very useful information on past recipients and their experiences and advice for completing applications. Many of the awards differ in their requirements, so it is essential to examine the details carefully.

Interested faculty should begin working on applications at least a year in advance so they send forward as strong an application as possible. They should also contact their dean, director, and the campus representative at the beginning of the process to let them know of their intent to apply. The Planning Tool for Faculty Fellowship Opportunities from AA/PPS 04.01.32, Management and Funding of Faculty Fellowships should be used to authorize participation. 

Each semester, Daris Hale, Texas State’s Fulbright Campus Representative, leads faculty workshops that offer attendees an overview of the Fulbright program and ways for developing an effective application. Former Texas State Fulbrighters will be available to review drafts of project statements throughout the year, but particularly in June, as the deadline for applications approaches. Contact Daris Hale for more information. 

Check here for information on Texas State’s Faculty Development Workshops.

Check here for webinars hosted by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) regarding the Fulbright Program and the application process.

For more information, contact: Daris Hale