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Texas State Celebrates Fulbright's 75th Anniversary

During 2021, Fulbright celebrates its 75th anniversary. International Affairs is proud to host Texas State University Fulbright participants' memories and influence in honor of this exciting and influential outreach. Five stories from five Texas State University Fulbright Scholars outline the unique international opportunities and accomplishments achieved through the leadership of these innovators, trailblazers, Fulbrighters.

Texas State Is Top Producer of Fulbright Scholars

Texas State has been recognized as a "top-producing institution" of Fulbright Scholars for 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2010-2011, and 2018-2019 by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES).

Faculty Fulbright Opportunities at Texas State

Texas State University enthusiastically promotes Fulbright programs. Whether faculty goes out to Fulbright programs across the world or Fulbrighters from the world visit Texas State, the Fulbright programs provide opportunities for gaining global, cross-cultural appreciation. There are a wide variety of programs available; some offer a year abroad, while others are fulfilled in a few weeks.  For information on the various programs, please contact the Texas State Fulbright Campus Representative. 

Texas State Fulbright Campus Representative

Daris Hale, Texas State Fulbright Campus Representative, and Fulbright Ambassador, can be reached by e-mail at Daris gives two Fulbright Program presentations per year at Texas State University in addition to presentations across the United State to promote the program. Please consider attending the Texas State presentation or contact Daris for an individual meeting.

Why Fulbright?

Texas State University is one of the most Fulbright supportive institutions in the United States. University policies encourage and facilitate part-time faculty, administrators, and full-time faculty should they be awarded a Fulbright grant to work abroad. Outside of a Fulbright salary and stipend, all awardees receive at least 50 percent of their salary from Texas State without requiring the use of developmental leave eligibility. Through the Fulbright Program, spouses/partners, children, and the children’s schooling can be covered expenses. If you are curious about Fulbright, interested in teaching and/or researching abroad, or considering taking your family on a cultural immersion experience, then contact Daris Hale. Fulbright could be the program for you.

Investigate Texas State University’s Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statement 7.17 for more information.

The Fulbright Scholars Program identifies Ten Myths About Fulbright to clarify issues and address typical concerns about the Fulbright Programs. 

 "....Man's struggle to be rational about himself, about his relationship to his own society and to other peoples and nations involves a constant search for understanding among all peoples and all cultures--a search that can only be effective when learning is pursued on a worldwide basis." Senator J. William Fulbright